ECOFELT Geotextile


is the trade name products Ecofibre, which are divided into the following categories:

ECOFELT PP-FC/AG manufactured fiber with high tenacity polypropylene, UV resistant with very high mechanical and hydraulic characteristics, generally used for high-functioning tasks of separation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement and protection. For civil works of computer engineering major, roads, highways, railways, tunnels, soil stabilization, etc. ..

ECOFELT PP-SB product tenacity polypropylene fiber with normal mechanical and hydraulic medium to high, generally used for functions of separation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement and protection.

ECOFELT PES-SB product polyester fiber reclaimed by mechanical and hydraulic low / medium generally used for functions of separation, filtration and drainage.

Comparison Chart between lines of products:



ECOFELT PP-TERMI' product polypropylene fiber termocalandrato generally used in applications where you need to drill it with the drill tip such that the blocks because of the fiber. Generally appplicato in the implementation of flat roof or inclined.

ECOFELT PP-FREEZE product polypropylene fiber and PES-FREEZE product polyester fiber coupled with a film of about 50um polyethylene waterproof.


- To protect cast wet cement to avoid too fast drying or freezing,
- To protect the insulating layers placed under the slabs of flooring or roofing,
- How to protect furniture and floors during renovation or painting.