Geotextile what is it?

What is the nonwovens geotextile

A "geotextile" a product of the textile industry is characterized by physical, mechanical and hydraulic likely to be used in civil engineering, in contact with the ground.
In particular, non-woven fabrics are made of synthetic fibers bonded by a mechanical process called needling. Products are absolutely free of chemical binders and may be considered non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
The application areas of geotextiles are needle punched geotechnical engineering and, more generally, all sectors, civil engineering. The choice of nonwovens is based on the type of application function which defines the mechanical and hydraulic characteristics of the geotextile.

The functions that can 'carry are:
a) hydraulic functions - Drainage - Filtration
b) mechanical functions - Separation - Reinforcement - Protection